It was an icy winter day.


“Will you love me forever?” I asked.


He blinked.


And in that moment I saw,

Hesitation in his eyes.


“Of course!” He replied.


And I knew, he wouldn’t.



Winter turned to summer, and another winter went by

The seasons changed and so did I

Lovers changed, and the meaning of love did too

And one beautiful autumn day it was time to ask you


“Will you love me forever?” I asked.


You blinked.


And in that moment I saw,

Hesitation in your eyes.


“I don’t know about forever”, you replied.


My heart sank.


“But I do promise to love you everyday”, you continued

“I will make you coffee every morning
And help you as you work towards your dreams
But in return I want you to promise me
That you will never settle for less than you are capable of.

If that takes forever, well, then I’ll be there with you, forever.”


And I knew that you would.


I had found The One.



Sunday morning shenanigans: The Breakfast

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and the husband and I were up and ready-to-go at 6 am sharp. We had an errand to run (read: drop family at railway station) and then we would head out for a nice breakfast in the city – Delhi in the spring time is heavenly.

The train chugged out of the station  at 7:30 a.m. and we headed back to the car – tummies rumbling, mouths watering in anticipation of the delicious fare we were about to savour. Turns out fate had other plans. 

Our plan was to head to Khan market where we had on a previous occasion enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at a colourful little cafe. I settled down in the passenger seat to enjoy the sunny morning and the uncharacteristic cool breeze that appears for only a few weeks during this time of the year. Soon, however, we began to notice a few roads cordoned off and traffic policemen redirecting traffic. It was a bit annoying because most of the roads that we needed to take were the ones that were blocked. 

So out came our smartphones and we turned to Google maps to help us save the breakfast, errr…  day. We took a detour which ended in another dead end. It was around 8 a.m. by now, so I suggested another lovely cafe near Pragati Maidan instead, since we were nearby. We headed there, with my mind now conjuring up images of delicious looking breakfasts. Sadly, that too was not to be. We reached the place only to find that it hadn’t yet opened for the day. 

The husband suggested a long drive around to get to Khan market. This included a lovely drive on this flyover that I hadn’t been on yet, and then passing through Def Col. However as we approached our destination, there it was – you guessed it, another road block. I whisked out my smartphone again and a quick Google search revealed that certain areas including the market where we were headed, had been planning vehicle-free Sunday mornings (although I couldn’t find a credible source to say for certain. Long story short – roads were blocked everywhere). What?! No breakfast?! 

I was determined to not go home with an empty stomach, and so I turned to the search engine gods again to locate a nice breakfast place. Almost simultaneously, we thought of a place near green park, which is mostly known for evening-time hangouts and dance-the-night away escapades. But the husband was sure that a certain restaurant there opened at 8 a.m.

Cool! We were on our way again! Breakfast, glorious breakfast!

It was almost 9:30 a.m. when we reached. We parked the car and strolled along the park and the lake, enjoying the breeze, although the hunger pangs were getting stronger now. Everything looked deserted. Our smiles began to fade. We walked through the narrow lane leading to the restaurant and saw supplies being carried in, while a couple of guys (probably the chefs) were chatting outside. Opening time 11 a.m.

We walked around a bit but nothing seemed to be open at that hour.

“Let’s go back to Gurgaon, from whence we came” I laughed. All this for nothing. We agreed on a nice little place in Gurgaon where I have some really fond food memories. And so we started the drive back to the home district. 

By now both our tummies were rumbling so loudly they were almost talking to each other. The drive back to Gurgaon was quiet, neither of us had much energy left. Taylor Swift crooned softly in the background while we sat nursing our empty stomachs. 

After a rather quiet 40-minute drive, we reached. I was happy at the prospect of getting some good food now, and was back to my chirpy self.  

We took the elevator up to the first floor, and I was commenting on how nice and posh the Club just across the road looked with its lovely garden and trimmed bushes.  He was in front of me walking briskly towards the cafe when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and I, still talking and admiring the view, ran into him. What the…, and then I stopped as I saw the familiar looking cafe, now looking not-so-familiar: ‘We are under renovation, and will be back soon’. 

At that point, there was nothing else to do but laugh. So we burst out laughing like two fools. People looked at us as though we were crazy, but they had no idea how we’d just gotten punk’d by the breakfast gods. 

And so, as the clock struck 11 a.m., nearly 3 and a half hours after we had set out on our big breakfast expedition, we found ourselves at a fast food joint very close to our place. We dug into our burgers and fries; they had never tasted so good before! And it was only after the last sip of coffee had been drained from our cups that we looked up and smiled a smile of fulfilment!  

Who knew that we would have to go so far just to come back home!

The lie

She looked into his eyes. “Don’t you trust me?” she asked. “You know I would never lie to you.”

He turned away.

He hadn’t been honest with her. He was the one who had lied.

“I need to tell you something” he said. “Let’s talk tonight.”

He would come clean. He hoped she would forgive him.

“Alright darling” she replied, as she kissed him on the cheek. “I’m heading out for lunch at the club with the girls. See you later.”

He watched her drive away.

Little did he know she was off to meet his business partner.

In a few hours, he would have neither his business nor his wife.

The book is always better

Final version_books2

I love the way a good book can take you on a magical journey, an adventure to a fantasy land. As a child, I loved reading. We had an old wooden almirah in our living room, the back of which was reinforced with rather thick planks of wood. I would use these as footholds and climb up to the top of the almirah. There I would sit, for hours and hours, lost to the world, lost in fascinating worlds created by Enid Blyton and others; worlds of famous fives and secret sevens and other such intriguing characters.

Most of my summer vacations were spent reading. I’d go to a library nearby and pick up a rather large stack of books. I’d come home overjoyed, impatient to get started on them.

Mealtimes were bothersome. I’d have to put down the book and go eat with the rest of the family. I tried reading at the table, but my father wouldn’t allow it. I’d stay up late into the night, thoroughly absorbed in the adventure and the mystery that was about to unfold in the book I was reading.

As I moved into my teens, my reading list changed, but I’d still read a lot. I went from Enid Blyton and Grimm’s Fairy Tales to Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Erle Stanley Gardner and the likes and of course Ayn Rand, among others.

And then came adulthood.

Business school. Job interviews. Work. Marriage.

Suddenly, I realized, I had stopped reading.

I no longer seemed to have time to be part of those wonderful escapades. I was now having rather mundane adventures of my own. Tons of course material, group assignments, internships, job interviews. Project deadlines, tedious meetings, performance appraisals. Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry.

Another thing I noticed was that I was always weary and stressed. The leisure time I’d scrounge would be spent in front of the television or catching up on precious sleep. I was grumpy and exhausted and life had become very monotonous.

Life was busy, too busy in fact. Yet I felt empty and distant.

Then one weekend it hit me. Literally hit me.

I was tidying up my all-the-stuff-I-don’t-know-where-to-put-so-I-stashed-them-in-here wardrobe. Jigsaw puzzles, old bedsheets, cards and bookmarks, pieces of ribbon and lace, old notes from college, Christmas decorations and other trinkets.

I saw a piece of bright yellow fabric sticking out from the top shelf. Ah! I thought. Let’s use that for something, a colourful tablecloth maybe. I caught the end of it and tugged sharply.

As I did, an object that was resting on top of the piece of fabric came sliding down along with it. It collided with my head and landed on the ground at my feet. I looked down to see a copy of Laughing Gas by P.G. Wodehouse.

I made to put it back but something stopped me.

I picked it up and turned it over in my hands. Where were you hiding old chap? I thought to myself smiling. An old gem. All P.G. Wodehouse books are. Jeeves. Ha! What an utterly brilliant character!

A deluge of wonderful memories flooded me and I was suddenly a little girl again, ensconced happily among her books with her fictional friends, enjoying an adventure.

I decided to settle down for the day with Laughing Gas.

By the time I had finished the book, it was evening. I had laughed along with the dry English wit as the book progressed, and had thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was like reconnecting with a very old and faithful friend. A friend that had fascinated me when I was younger and still charmed me today.  It felt like coming home.

I now knew what I was missing all these days. I knew what I had to do.

And so, I’ve taken out all my old books from their dreary hiding places and have bought a few new ones. I’ve got my own little library now. It’s my most valuable treasure. My books cheer me up, make me laugh, teach me new things and help me escape to my happy place. I’m happier, less stressed, and I’m never too exhausted to read. My books are my friends. After all, the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.


The journey back

And so it begins

That sinking feeling of reality

You know you’ve had your head up in the clouds far too long

This was bound to happen

Sooner or later

And yet you feel unprepared

Betrayed by the small voice in your head telling you its time

No! You want to scream

But you know the truth

You know this is how it has to be

And so you let go of your pride and give in

And fall

Falling through minutes and seconds of day dreams

What-ifs and what-nots

Till you land on solid ground

Your heart sinks, you know you aren’t ready

Get up, the voice in your head says. Fight, it says

Fight off the lethargy, the stupor

Remember the days of glory past

The fire lives on, the voice says.

Slowly, you begin to feel a stirring

Like a dragon, proudly rearing its head

You feel the warmth now, your breath quickens

This is it, you can feel it

The fire, the fight, the girl within

Familiar memories come flooding back, almost blinding you

And you laugh

Throw your head back and laugh

Like a maniac

Unbound, crazy, wild and free

At last

You’re back to reality



Have you ever wondered why women need so many pairs of shoes? Men can get by with just the three – formal shoes, casual shoes and running shoes (if they’re the outdoorsy type). It’s horrifying for us to even THINK of owning just 3 pairs! Gasp!

No. We women NEED shoes. Many, many pairs of shoes. We need the smart pumps for our formal dress, the chic booties for the pant-suit, the boots for a suave night out (or even a motor-bike ride if you’re like me), the sexy high (and I mean HIGH) heels for when we’re painting the town red, the not-so-high-but-oh-so-dainty kitten heels when we’re hanging out with our girlfriends for a casual brunch, flip-flops for the day at the beach, the converse sneakers for a picnic or weekend getaway, the gym shoes for… err… those who go to the gym regularly (I don’t think I have those in my closet though), tennis/basketball/dancing shoes, and the list is endless.

I didn’t even start on the bedroom/bathroom slippers, although most of us have multiple pairs of those too! You know, the fluffy bedroom slippers, the bathroom slippers, the comfortable chappals… you get the drift!

Okay, now let’s talk about women. You see, we women are amazingly good at juggling the various areas of our lives. We are able to compartmentalize, and shift between the different roles that we play with ease. Part of being able to do that is the ability to get into character; we slip in and out of roles without you even realizing it! We can be the happy-go-lucky friend, the responsible daughter, the caring wife and mother, the sharp witted team player at work, the fearless leader who forges ahead in the face of obstacles, the risk taking woman entrepreneur or the resourceful and organized home-maker.

Also, we have this need to perform each of these roles to the best of our abilities. That’s the hallmark of a woman – she will always strive for excellence in whatever she does, because that’s how we’re built.

What it comes down to is this:

We play a lot of roles, and we need the shoes to go with each of these roles 🙂

So ladies, feel guilty no more! Your vast shoe closet is a reflection of the multitude of roles you play each day. Stay strong, stay beautiful and go buy more shoes!!

Hello World!

Hello World!

I’ve decided to join the bandwagon and start my very own blog (finally, phew!), after months of ranting to my friends about how much I love to write, how much I want to write and how I just don’t know where to start!

I’d like to write books someday (probably fiction, given my wild imagination and ability to always imagine the worst possible scenarios in any given situation!). So, I figured that starting my own blog could be a very sensible step in that direction!

I’d like to fill up my blog with all things interesting – short stories, poems, essays about things that inspire me, pictures from my travels, fashion tips (I love reading fashion magazines), social events, origami (maybe, I’d love to learn this skill), craft ideas, and a ton of other interesting stuff!

Stay tuned!