Live now

Time flies

Things change

This moment will never come again

We’ll age

Grey hairs will appear

And the past will be left behind in a blur

This minute right here

Is your life ticking by

And it’s gone just like that, in the blink of an eye.

So stop and think!

Before it’s too late

Are you really living each second, or have you resigned to fate?

Do you hesitate?

To live the life of your dreams

For fear of becoming tomorrow’s memes?

Do you hesitate

To shun your fears

And race out of your comfort zone – ready for change, ready to switch gears?

And don’t tell me you hesitate

To be the best you can be

For fear that you’ll fail, or worse – that you’ll succeed!

So stop and think

What’s holding you back

From blazing a new trail or building a new track?

Don’t fit in

You were born to stand out

Don’t follow blindly; learn, create, lead, reach out

For all you have

Is this moment right here

So use it wisely, before it disappears


Is too far away

Right now is all we’ve got, don’t stand in your own way.


Gym woes

Life’s been good

Treating me well

So good, in fact,

That I’ve started to swell


Sitting all day

On a comfortable chair

And the rest of the time

Sleeping away


No walks, no rides

No physical exercise

Just sitting and eating

Burgers and fries


And so, my lovelies

I’ve joined the gym

To get in some fitness

And to stay trim


It’s been a week

And the pain, oh the pain!

I can hear my muscles cry

Under the strain


Dormant muscles

That have been sleeping for years

Are being forced to work now

Amid protein shakes and tears


And so I’m hobbling around

Praying that this is worth it

And my husband’s hoping

That I don’t quit!

‘Coz I took the full membership you see,

 Which is quite a hefty fee 😉 




It’s Friday night
And work is done
Everyone’s heading out
For some fun

I glance at my watch
It’s a quarter to eight
I’ll stick around for a bit
Then make my escape

I think to myself
I must be getting old
There used to a time
When I hated going home

I’d love to eat out
And dance the night away
Now I just rush home
At the end of the day

Home is where comfy clothes are
And I don’t care how I look
Curled up on the sofa
With coffee and a book!

Mid week musings

I like Wednesdays
They give me hope
With Friday two days away
I know I can cope!

Wednesdays are like
Half time in a match
You’re halfway through the game
And now you can relax

Wednesdays are great
To stop and take a break
Reward yourself and celebrate
With coffee and cake

The week is half over
And there’s less than half to go
So cheer up and smile
It’ll be Friday before you know!

Escape for a moment

The world gets too loud
It overwhelms me
Like a dark damp cloud

It envelops me
With doubt and despair
And I begin to wonder
Is there hope out there?

There’s so much noise
And chatter and doubt
I wish I could throw
The whole world out!

Oh wait! I can!
I can shut the door
I can turn off the noise
And sit peacefully on the floor

I take a deep breath
And everything’s calm
It’s quiet and peaceful
No cause for alarm

No deadlines knocking at my door
No meetings to rush to
No problems to be sorted out 
Nor ten thousand things to do

No, there’s nothing here
Except me and my mind
In the calm ocean of emptiness
I’ve left the craziness behind

I’m in my happy place
My mind is free as a bird
The tension is gone, I smile
I’m ready to get back to the crazy world!


I open my eyes
It’s 6 in the morning
My husband’s up
And I’m still yawning.

My blue yoga mat
In the corner sits
I close one eye
And squint at it.

That blessed thing
Is covered with dust
And my mind and body
Are going to rust.

I turn over
And glance outside
Maybe I can take
My bike for a ride.

Or maybe just
Go for a stroll
Walks are good
For heart and soul.

Who am I kidding?!
I already know
I’m going to turn over
And continue to snore!


Why can’t laundry do itself,
And fold itself and put itself away?
Why do we have to wear clothes at all?
Laundry takes up half my day!

Why do we have to ‘make the bed’,
When it’s going to get unmade anyway?
Why fluff the pillows or fold the quilt,
When it’ll be messed up again at the end of the day?

Why do we have stomachs that need to be filled,
When they’re going to get empty again?
Why does our brain remind us of pizza,
When we’ve sworn ourselves to fresh fruit and grain?!

And how I wish we didn’t have to clean
Or dust or wash a plate ever again!
Day in and day out, the same old chores
So mindless, it’s driving me insane!