If I were a poet

If I were a poet, and could paint pictures with my words
I’d paint you a lovely picture of a forest full of birds
Where birds of different feathers flock together
And live in peace and harmony, come fair or foul weather
My picture would show you all the lessons we could learn
From these birds of varied feathers living together as one

If I were a poet, and could write lyrics to a tune
I’d compose a love song and sing to you about the stars and the moon
The stream gurgling over pebbles and the river rushing to the sea
Would be the perfect background music for me
I’d sing of beauty untold – green fields, brown cliffs, and skies – both blue and grey
And heaven would send rain, that would pitter-patter on the roof all day

If I were a poet, and could tell a story with my rhymes
I’d write a novel about the mysteries of our times
How we’ve taken leaps and bounds ahead in the sciences
Yet we wage wars, hold prejudices, and struggle to build alliances
We’ve been given a beautiful world, with landscapes of all kinds
Yet we pollute the air, the waters and the soil, and even our own minds

But I am not a poet, and my thoughts remain without words or rhymes
My unspoken dreams for my world remain hopes and wishes in these uncertain times
I dream of peace and harmony, respect, unity and love
Gratitude for the grass beneath our feet and the sky above
I wish we’d remember we’re here together on a short journey just passing through
For if we did, we’d all become poets – look around, we’re living in a paradise, me and you.


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