Sunday morning shenanigans: The Breakfast

Sunday morning dawned bright and early and the husband and I were up and ready-to-go at 6 am sharp. We had an errand to run (read: drop family at railway station) and then we would head out for a nice breakfast in the city – Delhi in the spring time is heavenly.

The train chugged out of the station  at 7:30 a.m. and we headed back to the car – tummies rumbling, mouths watering in anticipation of the delicious fare we were about to savour. Turns out fate had other plans. 

Our plan was to head to Khan market where we had on a previous occasion enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast at a colourful little cafe. I settled down in the passenger seat to enjoy the sunny morning and the uncharacteristic cool breeze that appears for only a few weeks during this time of the year. Soon, however, we began to notice a few roads cordoned off and traffic policemen redirecting traffic. It was a bit annoying because most of the roads that we needed to take were the ones that were blocked. 

So out came our smartphones and we turned to Google maps to help us save the breakfast, errr…  day. We took a detour which ended in another dead end. It was around 8 a.m. by now, so I suggested another lovely cafe near Pragati Maidan instead, since we were nearby. We headed there, with my mind now conjuring up images of delicious looking breakfasts. Sadly, that too was not to be. We reached the place only to find that it hadn’t yet opened for the day. 

The husband suggested a long drive around to get to Khan market. This included a lovely drive on this flyover that I hadn’t been on yet, and then passing through Def Col. However as we approached our destination, there it was – you guessed it, another road block. I whisked out my smartphone again and a quick Google search revealed that certain areas including the market where we were headed, had been planning vehicle-free Sunday mornings (although I couldn’t find a credible source to say for certain. Long story short – roads were blocked everywhere). What?! No breakfast?! 

I was determined to not go home with an empty stomach, and so I turned to the search engine gods again to locate a nice breakfast place. Almost simultaneously, we thought of a place near green park, which is mostly known for evening-time hangouts and dance-the-night away escapades. But the husband was sure that a certain restaurant there opened at 8 a.m.

Cool! We were on our way again! Breakfast, glorious breakfast!

It was almost 9:30 a.m. when we reached. We parked the car and strolled along the park and the lake, enjoying the breeze, although the hunger pangs were getting stronger now. Everything looked deserted. Our smiles began to fade. We walked through the narrow lane leading to the restaurant and saw supplies being carried in, while a couple of guys (probably the chefs) were chatting outside. Opening time 11 a.m.

We walked around a bit but nothing seemed to be open at that hour.

“Let’s go back to Gurgaon, from whence we came” I laughed. All this for nothing. We agreed on a nice little place in Gurgaon where I have some really fond food memories. And so we started the drive back to the home district. 

By now both our tummies were rumbling so loudly they were almost talking to each other. The drive back to Gurgaon was quiet, neither of us had much energy left. Taylor Swift crooned softly in the background while we sat nursing our empty stomachs. 

After a rather quiet 40-minute drive, we reached. I was happy at the prospect of getting some good food now, and was back to my chirpy self.  

We took the elevator up to the first floor, and I was commenting on how nice and posh the Club just across the road looked with its lovely garden and trimmed bushes.  He was in front of me walking briskly towards the cafe when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and I, still talking and admiring the view, ran into him. What the…, and then I stopped as I saw the familiar looking cafe, now looking not-so-familiar: ‘We are under renovation, and will be back soon’. 

At that point, there was nothing else to do but laugh. So we burst out laughing like two fools. People looked at us as though we were crazy, but they had no idea how we’d just gotten punk’d by the breakfast gods. 

And so, as the clock struck 11 a.m., nearly 3 and a half hours after we had set out on our big breakfast expedition, we found ourselves at a fast food joint very close to our place. We dug into our burgers and fries; they had never tasted so good before! And it was only after the last sip of coffee had been drained from our cups that we looked up and smiled a smile of fulfilment!  

Who knew that we would have to go so far just to come back home!


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