The journey back

And so it begins

That sinking feeling of reality

You know you’ve had your head up in the clouds far too long

This was bound to happen

Sooner or later

And yet you feel unprepared

Betrayed by the small voice in your head telling you its time

No! You want to scream

But you know the truth

You know this is how it has to be

And so you let go of your pride and give in

And fall

Falling through minutes and seconds of day dreams

What-ifs and what-nots

Till you land on solid ground

Your heart sinks, you know you aren’t ready

Get up, the voice in your head says. Fight, it says

Fight off the lethargy, the stupor

Remember the days of glory past

The fire lives on, the voice says.

Slowly, you begin to feel a stirring

Like a dragon, proudly rearing its head

You feel the warmth now, your breath quickens

This is it, you can feel it

The fire, the fight, the girl within

Familiar memories come flooding back, almost blinding you

And you laugh

Throw your head back and laugh

Like a maniac

Unbound, crazy, wild and free

At last

You’re back to reality



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