You don’t really know what you’ve got till it’s gone

You don’t really know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Sigh. So true.

I’m sitting here alone in my living room. The house feels so empty. And dusty. No familiar smells coming from the kitchen. Dishes piled up in the sink.

I miss her so much.

I remember the day she told me, it was a couple of months ago. I was lounging on the sofa, flipping through a magazine.

Didi, main do mahine ke liye gav jaa rahi hu “

I looked up from my magazine.

“Achcha”, I replied. “Wapas kab aaogi?”

“Do mahine”, she repeated.

“Diwali ke baad?”


She promised she would send a replacement.

Great! I thought, and went back to reading.

A week later she brought along a friend who she said would substitute for her till she returned. She showed her friend around the house and explained what needed to be done. Before she left, she wished me a happy Diwali and smiled the brightest smile. I was happy for her since she would be spending the festive season with her family.

Monday morning dawned and my new maid showed up bright and early. She got to work immediately. Things were going smoothly so far, I thought.

After about ten days, the new maid disappeared. She just stopped coming. I was foolish enough to have not taken her phone number, and so couldn’t contact her. I waited for a couple of days but there was no sign of her.

That was 6 and a half weeks ago.

Chores started to pile up. I started asking around for a new temporary maid – I asked my neighbours, the watchman at the gate, the shopkeeper downstairs, everyone. Days went by and no one came.

In the meantime, I was struggling. One day, the week before Diwali, I tied a dupatta over my nose and mouth and got to work – I swept and washed and dusted and mopped from sunrise to sundown. After the gruelling day’s work, I slept like a baby for over 12 hours.

Diwali came and went, and the house was clean. But then the dust returned. And so did the dishes in the sink. The kitchen counter developed a thin layer of dust. And the floor wasn’t spotless anymore.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I plonked down on the sofa exhausted and at my wits end.

And then my phone rang.

Hello didi, said a familiar voice. My heart leapt!

Main wapas aa gayi hu, kal se kaam pe aa jau?

I felt as though the heavens had opened and I could hear the angels sing!

Yes please! Kal se kaam pe aa jao!

And now, as I write this – it’s 7 a.m., I’m sitting on the sofa with a happy heart, writing this funny little blog post. The doorbell rings, it’s my maid. She greets me happily; she had a good trip home. I smile and tell her I’m glad she is back.

And boy am I glad! I’m about the happiest person in the world right now!


Live now

Time flies

Things change

This moment will never come again

We’ll age

Grey hairs will appear

And the past will be left behind in a blur

This minute right here

Is your life ticking by

And it’s gone just like that, in the blink of an eye.

So stop and think!

Before it’s too late

Are you really living each second, or have you resigned to fate?

Do you hesitate?

To live the life of your dreams

For fear of becoming tomorrow’s memes?

Do you hesitate

To shun your fears

And race out of your comfort zone – ready for change, ready to switch gears?

And don’t tell me you hesitate

To be the best you can be

For fear that you’ll fail, or worse – that you’ll succeed!

So stop and think

What’s holding you back

From blazing a new trail or building a new track?

Don’t fit in

You were born to stand out

Don’t follow blindly; learn, create, lead, reach out

For all you have

Is this moment right here

So use it wisely, before it disappears


Is too far away

Right now is all we’ve got, don’t stand in your own way.

Gym woes

Life’s been good

Treating me well

So good, in fact,

That I’ve started to swell


Sitting all day

On a comfortable chair

And the rest of the time

Sleeping away


No walks, no rides

No physical exercise

Just sitting and eating

Burgers and fries


And so, my lovelies

I’ve joined the gym

To get in some fitness

And to stay trim


It’s been a week

And the pain, oh the pain!

I can hear my muscles cry

Under the strain


Dormant muscles

That have been sleeping for years

Are being forced to work now

Amid protein shakes and tears


And so I’m hobbling around

Praying that this is worth it

And my husband’s hoping

That I don’t quit!

‘Coz I took the full membership you see,

 Which is quite a hefty fee 😉 



Service with a smile

I love going out. I love dressing up and going out to dinner, or even just getting a cup of coffee at my favourite café. I like the idea of making an occasion out of food, especially when I’m dining out. For me, it’s all about the experience – I like to visit my favourite hangouts again and again, where I’m assured of the food quality, ambience and service.

My husband, on the other hand, is the absolute opposite.


He loves to try out new places and new cuisines. Needless to say, there are a lot of disappointments when the food or service doesn’t quite turn out as expected. Of course, there are times when we stumble upon something really nice, but I’d say that’s a rarity.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for trying new things. It’s just that I hate it when we’ve sort of pinned all our hopes for a good evening on a particular restaurant, which then doesn’t live up to my expectations and leaves me feeling slightly unhappy. Which then gets compounded by me beginning to get annoyed that I am now unhappy (and could have been happy if only we’d gone to our favourite place), and well…, it’s a downward spiral from then on. Haha!

Yes, yes, I know I should be open to new experiences and all that. It’s just that, well… life is, life. And we must work. And do daily chores. And sometimes struggle in our lives when life throws you a curveball.

And so, when I decide to take time off from these things and spend a little quality time alone or with someone, that time MUST be well spent. There are days when that ‘quality time’ is spent at home in my PJs with Netflix and pizza (Of course! It’s from my favourite pizza place! The husband knows not to mess with my pizza).

But there are also days, when I feel like dressing up and painting my nails and putting on lipstick and going out to dinner (or brunch or coffee). On those days, it becomes imperative that I receive good service from the restaurant I’m at. If I’ve made the effort to dress up and come out to a nice restaurant, then the least I expect is that the host and servers there greet me with a smile and make me feel welcome. Service is paramount for me.

In my opinion, a city such as Gurgaon has loads of restaurants with delicious, world-class cuisines. Each restaurant is better than the other. We’re spoiled for choices. The only differentiating factor for me then becomes service.

Now I don’t mean that I want people falling over me. But a smile and greeting would be nice. You know, just let me know that you’re happy I decided to come have lunch at your place today.

You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve had bad service. I’ve been to places where the staff makes you feel as though they’re doing you a favour by letting you in to sample their fare. I can’t stand such hoity-toity places one bit.

On the other hand, I recently I visited a newly opened restaurant with Mediterranean fare. The host was polite and friendly, and so was the waiting staff. They patiently answered our questions about the unique offerings on their menu and suggested popular delicacies. And they smiled when they talked to us. A lot. Which I thought was really nice. And so, I will visit them again.

I find it so incredible that in today’s day and age when the hospitality sector has grown and evolved into the juggernaut that it is today, many restaurants have still not understood and imbibed this basic fact – good service is the key differentiator.

And it’s only good service with a smile that will lead me to prefer a friendly neighbourhood restaurant (with maybe fewer dishes on the menu) to a fancy 5-star place that is a stark reminder of how service should not be.

[Marvel fans… Did you see what I just did there? 😉 ]



It’s Friday night
And work is done
Everyone’s heading out
For some fun

I glance at my watch
It’s a quarter to eight
I’ll stick around for a bit
Then make my escape

I think to myself
I must be getting old
There used to a time
When I hated going home

I’d love to eat out
And dance the night away
Now I just rush home
At the end of the day

Home is where comfy clothes are
And I don’t care how I look
Curled up on the sofa
With coffee and a book!

Mid week musings

I like Wednesdays
They give me hope
With Friday two days away
I know I can cope!

Wednesdays are like
Half time in a match
You’re halfway through the game
And now you can relax

Wednesdays are great
To stop and take a break
Reward yourself and celebrate
With coffee and cake

The week is half over
And there’s less than half to go
So cheer up and smile
It’ll be Friday before you know!

Escape for a moment

The world gets too loud
It overwhelms me
Like a dark damp cloud

It envelops me
With doubt and despair
And I begin to wonder
Is there hope out there?

There’s so much noise
And chatter and doubt
I wish I could throw
The whole world out!

Oh wait! I can!
I can shut the door
I can turn off the noise
And sit peacefully on the floor

I take a deep breath
And everything’s calm
It’s quiet and peaceful
No cause for alarm

No deadlines knocking at my door
No meetings to rush to
No problems to be sorted out 
Nor ten thousand things to do

No, there’s nothing here
Except me and my mind
In the calm ocean of emptiness
I’ve left the craziness behind

I’m in my happy place
My mind is free as a bird
The tension is gone, I smile
I’m ready to get back to the crazy world!